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Crisis Support Network provides no-cost advocacy services to people affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and general crimes in Pacific County in Washington State, as well as general crime victim’s support in our neighboring Grays Harbor County.
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We operate a variety of no-cost support, advocacy and stability programs. If we don’t offer something you need – we want to help you find what you’re looking for.

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Crisis Support Network offers three safe, confidential, and professional advocacy locations.

What We Offer

Someone to talk to for emotional support and information
24 hours and 7 days a week


Advocacy is when someone is dedicated to helping someone get their problems solved and find their path forward. Advocates support healing and offer support and information during important emotional, legal and medical processes. This can be helpful when someone has experienced sexual abuse, domestic violence or has been a victim of a crime.


Crisis Support Network works with people experiencing domestic violence and sexual assault to find a safe place to go.  We operate a 24/7 emergency shelter program, and provide transitional and rapid re-housing for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. We provide advocacy with permanent, supportive housing at The Pacific Pearl Apartments.  


Connection to others who are going through a similar circumstance can help with problem solving, knowledge building, and offer emotional support through the healing process.

CSN uses a support group structure that helps people heal and recover from sexual, physical and emotional abuse by focusing on how to deal with overwhelming feelings, working on the consequences of trauma, reducing stress, stay safe, stabilized and incorporates a curriculum to help the group learn new skills based on their goals. 

Children's Advocacy

We offer children and protective family members involved in child abuse cases and/or investigations a place to participate in the investigation of crimes in one, supportive and trauma-informed center.  The center is also used for children who may have witnessed a crime. The focus is on mitigating any further negative effects of an investigation on a child.

We offer confidential services.
We won’t talk about what you share with us without your permission.*

*The right to privacy and confidentiality of the information shared may have legally requested or required exceptions such as, specific reporting of imminent child abuse or neglect, duty to warn of imminent harm, or written release from you to disclose on your behalf. 

You deserve safety and peace of mind.