24 Hour Hotline: 1.800.435.7276

Give Help

Ending domestic violence can be a hard struggle for someone who has been rendered powerless and afraid in his/her own home, but you can make a difference! Your support and concern can give a victim the strength to say “No!” forever to a life of violence and fear. To show you are supportive:

Note: For your safety, this website has a quick escape that opens Facebook.com in a new tab and replaces this page with Google.com, in case someone comes in who you would rather not know you are on this site. Simply click the Escape key on your keyboard, or the red button above.

  • Listen

    Victims need to feel they can speak of their experience without fear of being judged, rejected or betrayed.

  • Believe.

    Domestic violence occurs within every social strata and among every race, and it is serious.

  • Assure.

    Assure the victim they are not alone. They do not deserve to be beaten, nor did they cause the violence.

  • Support.

    Support without dominating. Encourage them to see that they still have choices and support them in the choices they make.

  • Be There.

    Supporting a victim of domestic violence can be demanding, but victims need to know that you will not desert them.

Violence hurts you and your children forever.
La violencia le causa dano usted ya a sus ninos, para siempre.

You didn’t cause the violence, but you can end it! Please get help!

24 Hour Hotline: 1.800.435.7276

All calls are confidential. If you are in need of immediate assistance please hang up and dial 911.